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Image by Mael BALLAND

Roatan Home Explorer


Roatan Home Explorer is the brainchild of Shannon Shuman who has invested nearly thirty years as a business executive.  Along the way, the dream of island living has always been a constant dream.  Two years ago, Shannon and his wife Natalie, moved to Roatan as owners of one of the most respected dive shops on the island - Sun Divers. 

As a dive shop owner, Shannon sees hundreds of travelers every month and has always noticed a large number of visitors are immediately enchanted by the charm of the island - ultimately deciding to pursue a piece of paradise for themselves.

This is where Roatan Home Explorer was born.  Shannon deeply connects with the desire to live near the ocean and, as a Real Estate Agent AND Dive Professional, is especially qualified to be your resource for exploring your own island dream.

Shannon bio image.jpeg

“We have all shared the dream of moving to a tropical island, but it is rare to see someone follow through.  As one who has taken the leap, I have learned what it takes to make the transition.  In addition, as a business owner and active community member, I also know how to get things done on the island.”

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